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Hello and Welcome to
RavenOak Studio!
My darling husband (and soul mate) and I live on a farm near the Canadian border on the beautiful upper peninsula of northern Michigan.  We share our farm with horses, ducks, chickens, and our furry family cats and dogs.
We also share our breakfast each morning with 2 crows and a raven that never miss a free meal!
Mark is a classically trained pianiest whos musical loves range from Mozart to Alice Cooper. He has started tuning pianos in his spare time (haha spare time!)

I've been painting and sculpting for over 45 years and even though I veer off from time to time to work on other projects my first love is Halloween Art.
I love Halloween and Autumn and that love is reflected in much of my work. I have also been facinated with the worlds myths and legends and, at times, try to incorporate that into my work.
I've been blessed that my one of a kind pieces are in collections
all around the world.
When my beautiful granddaughter Zoey began learning her ABC's I created an alphabet for her. It's now a childrens book called "Wee Beasties ABC's"
This book and other Wee Beastie items can be see at

Thanks for spending a little time here
and have a blessed day!
Deborah Carney